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Kidney is dialytic and main the remedial method that the crowd that is kidney function exhaustion can use. Dialytic also can appear a few harmful response. May because dialytic when blood stream speed causes low blood pressure too quickly, possible also because dialytic when filter too much the appearance that causes crus muscle occurrence spasm, possible still the interval because of dialytic time is too long, bring about can appear the appearance that wants to spit.

Dialytic and harmful response

(One) unbalance asks for integratedly:

Common at urea nitrogen and flesh anhydride level very tall, the patient with uremic apparent symptom, see more especially at dialytic the first time reach dialytic induction period. Its reason basically is a few material that after appearing, give priority to with urea distributing between blood and cerebral tissue inhomogenous, add PH to be worth disequilibrium to cause cerebral oedema and head anoxic, expression is in appearing, reach the head is painful, lack of power, listless, disgusting after appearing vomiting, blood pressure elevatory, sleep-disorder, the person that weigh disease but fit of invigorative unusual, epileptic appearance, insensible die even.

(2) low blood pressure:

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complication. Produce a reason to include effective blood capacity to decrease, exceed filtration to pass more fast, own nerve pathological changes, vasomotor reduce, level of heart natrium element is exorbitant and depressor content influence. Expression is giddy, bosom frowsty, complexion is cadaverous, perspire, convulsion of amaurosis, disgusting vomiting, muscle even consciousness is lost.

Cure basically is capacity of rapid complement blood, decelerate hematic flow at the same time, decrease or suspend exceeding filter. Precautionary measures includes dialyzer to be filled beforehand, blood stream is measured by smallLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Gradually big, use foreword to a string of 1000 cash dialytic or tall natrium is dialytic, and enjoin patient control is dialytic period gain weight exceeds filter amount with decreasing.

Dialytic and harmful response

(3) disease of low oxygen blood:

See more at acetate dialytic, its reason and acetate reach his to reduce the CO2 in blood and HCO3 in the metabolization inside body, chromaForum of Shanghai noble baby

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About. Difference can bring about consistence of dialytic film biology cell of blood capillary words spoken by an actor from offstage assembles lung function of influence take a breath, also be a when produce disease of low oxygen blood main reason. Clinical performance is much not apparent, the patient of disease of original heart lung or old people may appear anoxia shape, cause angina pectoris and heart stalk even. Grant on cure nose conduit absorbs oxygen can. Precautionary measures includes: Use bicarbonate dialytic fluid uses salt the dialyzer with biology good consistence.

(4) haemolysis:

Much by dialytic fluid wrong reach dialytic engine trouble to cause, if dialytic fluid is low ooze, temperature is exorbitant, chloric pass with chloric amine or content of nitric acid salt advanced, other still sees Yu Yi give aid and support, disinfectant remain. The patient when acute hemolysis appears ache of the vein that answer blood, bosom is frowsty, heart-throb, angry hurried, be agitated, can accompany serious lumbago and abdominal convulsion, serious person algid, shiver, blood pressure drops, rhythm of the heart make water of wrong, haemoglobin is insensible even. The person that dialytic fluid low ooze is caused still can appear at the same time water toxic or cerebral oedema. Little and slow hemolysis criterionForum of Shanghai night net

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Behave only for anaemic accentuation.

Dialytic and harmful response

(5) air embolism:

Because dialytic machine has perfect monitoring measure, air embolism happens rarely, cause by damaged of operation error or conduit more.

Enter 5ml above air to be able to cause apparent embolism symptom, when seat mainForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Cause cerebral embolism, lie when basically cause right heart of pulmonary artery high pressure and acute to decline, also can appear embolism of coronal arteries and veins or cerebral embolism, body Cha Wen reachs heart agitate sound.

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