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Each females ought to understand the uterus somewhat, because the uterus is organ of a on female body important reproduction, appear when the uterus after the problem, its are serious and sequential it is self-evident. At the same time the uterine position in female body is not invariable, it is metForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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As the elapse of female body shift and time change gradually. After major female uterus position basically has an uterus and before two kinds of means, and after the uterus good?

The uterus is in hind good

Fetal after the uterus good

After the uterus not be special uterine place, it is in clinical going up also is to attribute normaller uterine position, basically two kinds present means, include uterine tilting back ward, retroflexion. After the uterus it is normal expression mostly, can not have too big effect to bearing, but some people besides uterine hind outside still have disease of department of gynaecology, want accordingly canA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Well divisional and clear, best can go making a corresponding inspection.

Be pregnant before the uterus it is the arched roof after cervix points to the vagina downward, the uterus is bent ahead, palace neck is at the back of the uterus, before this kind of circumstance becomes an uterus. Before someone says an uterus become pregnant easily, be told correctly from medicine do not have this kind of view. Although clinical discovery after the uterus person conception odds is lower, but because disease of a lot of department of gynaecology brings about an uterus,this is sticky arrive repeatedly rear, appear so after the uterus.

The uterus is in hind good

Lie on the bed when us, the thing that has inflammation sinks downward, after the uterusForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Square inflammation thing becomes much, uterine rear wall is so incidental sticky even. For instance different of the film inside pelvic infection, uterus disease, because produced inflammation to just can have uterine hind,be, so on the contrary, before the uterus it is not certain say opposite after the uterus it is easy conception. Be pregnant after the uterus if be pregnant inside 3 months, the uterus does not have restoration, easily oppressive and urethral happening acute retention of urine.

Accordingly, no matter be to be pregnant before the uterus still be pregnant after the uterus, have certain harm sex, without which better or which bad, want fixed pregnant check only, when feeling unwell, it is good to take step as early as possible.

The uterus is in hind good

After the uterus how be pregnant

The husband and wife are making a person hard, but do not have the effect for long. After check-up, they are informed to be a wife ” after the uterus ” , reason clearly, because uterine position passes,this is hind and be helpful for seminal fluid entering cervix, make spermatozoon also can reduce organic meeting1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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See ovum.

1, after sexual intercourse, coxal drive up: Fill up a pillow appropriately in feminine lower part, let feminine hip drive up, this meeting makes spermatozoon vaults after accumulation Long, cervix accumulation is enmeshed in seminal pool, also can increase greatly be pregnant odds.

2, type enters after adopting when the lie low after sexual intercourse or sexual intercourse: Will seminal accumulation vaults to the front of the vagina Long, the cervix that makes become warped on palace neck is soaked easily in seminal fluid.

3, the uterus is annular ligament shortens or the uterus is suspensory: The effect is not affirmatory, a few1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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After year, Forum of Shanghai noble baby

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It may have a relapse. Accordingly, at present we do not advocate use this kind of method.

4, the uterus nurses correctional method: A few female can use technical cure to come all right first replacement uterus position, place pessary next, this also can achieve temporary correction result.

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