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Every woman hopes always nurture is green, but years not Rao Ren, the woman arrived 50 years old or so when, can encounter menopause normally, the woman will be more afflictive in menopause, to reduce the relevant symptom of menopause, the protection that should have made each field at ordinary times works, want those who get folk to caress for instance, oneself should undertake recuperating in the respect such as food, habits and customs, broad female teachs the method of affirmatory menopause below.

How to decide menopause?

How to judge menopause?

Menstruation, come from adolescence of a girl, end to the turn of life, meet companion woman spend the time that is born largely probably, menstruation, also be fecundity of a female reflect, it is a condition that can allow the body to reveal female glamour element, but, in enter gradually middleaged period, after old age, the female can differ the menopause of means, so, how to judge whether menopause?

How to decide menopause?

How judgement whether menopause

1, the growth as the age, ovarian function by do not stabilize declineFall in love with the sea

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Retreat, the balance is maladjusted, often behave a month before menopauseForum of Shanghai night net

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Via cycle of abnormal, menstruation disorder, period is lengthened, haemorrhage is more than etc, and the insecurity before classics is asked for integratedly, the breast is periodic bilge ache, oedema and have a headache wait for a symptom to disappear.

2, menopause is because of the person appropriate, generally speaking now is 45Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

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– 47 years old, arrived so after menopause age, the ability of diagnostic need after the event of menopause is affirmatory, last at least without menstruation 6 months come 1 year square but establish is diagnosed.

How to decide menopause?

Female menopause withShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Return after can sexual life

1, the female arrived more than 50 years old to be able to appear the phenomenon of menopause, menopause is menstruation only merely stop, do not be equal at the turn of lifeA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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all, so even if menopause, still also do not hamper the demand of sexual life, the exudation of sex hormone still very exuberant, having sexual desire also is normal, the gender accompanies the person’s lifetime.

2, stopping have sexual life possibly after classics completely, it is the problem as a result of endocrine only, may secretion is less, build by nature to be badly off to perhaps ache. If such circumstance appears, what can use external application is medical of lube, average pharmacy has sell, after was being used completely OK by normal sexual life.

Of menstruation stop, it is condition of the female’s ovarian a kind of physiology only, the ovarian meeting of menstruation that stops to mean a female again eduction ovum, but the exudation that body interior can have estrogen likewise, still can protect soA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Hold female fascination, in the meantime, the female goes up in the base that retains motion, have reasonable sexual life, even if did not have menstruation, also can reveal force of yield results in work euqally.

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