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The adult of insularity teachs the film to be in China is prohibited broadcasting, but still what a lot of adult have this side is collect, and a few introductions to male spermatozoon also are affecting island country the acknowledge of people. Spermatozoon of male of carry on of insularity film medium has the effect of hairdressing, the choice that the man shoots can hairdressing? Actually thisNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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It is very apparent wrong acknowledge, there is significant to hairdressing part in male spermatozoon.

The choice that the man shoots can hairdressing

One, by what is seminal fluid comprised?

Seminal fluid is schoolboy body a kind inside humoral, when man masturbation or sexual love, seminal meeting shoots a body through the penis outside. Content of the spermatozoon in seminal fluid is occupied about 5%1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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, and of the others 95% it is refining, it is the carrier that is used at carrying spermatozoon, the liquid such as prostate fluid, epididymis fluid, spermatic fluid is refining is main make a part.

The bases of refining1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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For water, also contain adipose, protein, fructose, inorganic salt at the same time, a variety of enzymatic kind wait for a variety of nutrition composition, the nutrient value in knowable seminal fluid is not low still, and can take a side with hairdressing it seems that.

The choice that the man shoots can hairdressing

2, seminal apply face, true can does hairdressing protect skin?

So, seminal apply face, can you rise to protect wet, beauty really white, protect the hairdressing effect such as skin? Actually, eye comes round to say, in medical bound and hairdressing bound, still have no research or experiment to be able to confirm seminal hairdressing result, of sale of the place on market allege the product that contains seminal elite, actually mostly suspect!

And, the action of nutrient composition hairdressing that contains in seminal fluid is not quite strong also, nutrient value not as good as the food such as milk, soya-bean milk, if use seminal fluid to undertake apply face hairdressing, acquisition hairdressing result is very little.

The choice that the man shoots can hairdressing

If the male suffers from clap, syphilis, AIDS to wait, virus will be carried in his seminal fluid so, if contain the seminal fluid of virus to contact the skin of damaged, eye, place such as oral cavity directly, the disease affectsShanghai night net is talked1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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The risk is higher. Retreat one pace to tell, although the male did not suffer from venereal, suffer from reproductive system inflammation however, the bacterium also can be carried in seminal fluid, if use these to contain seminal apply face of the bacterium, not only won’t hairdressing, still may destroy a look!

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The woman student is allergic to seminal fluid, once excessive contact is seminal, still may cause skin Sao urticant, skin the symptom such as glowing, erythema, oedema.

Altogether, seminal main effect is not hairdressing, it is to be the mankind to pass ancestor receive acting, multiply unborn and unripe, seminal apply face not only hairdressing effect not beautiful, do bad to still can have ” destroy a look ” likelihood, accordingly we ought to recognize seminal value correctly, use seminal fluid in ” road ” on.

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