[infantile arch is afraid of cool] _ of darling of _ of _ catch cold catch cold endangers –

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Hands or feet is icy be very common phenomenon at ordinary times, hands or feet is icy be very common on the body of adult, needing crural ministry heat preservation at ordinary times, if the word of crural ministry catch cold catch cold, the meeting is right healthy cause very serious harm, if the word of the crural ministry catch cold catch cold of darling, it is the growth that goes against darling of development, at ordinary times the crural ministry that the parent is need protection good darling at ordinary times, prevent catch cold catch cold of darling foot ministry the influence is healthy.

 Infantile arch is afraid of cool

Is infantile arch afraid of cool?

Infantile arch is afraid of cool, once the crural ministry catch cold catch cold of darling, the healthy harm to darling is very big.

Disadvantage of catch cold catch cold of darling hands or feet

1, easy catch cold catch cold of winter hands or feet, neurological palm accuses to suffer be restricted

Neurological development has not perfect darling, the plant nerve with hemal diastole, contractive administer is easy happen disorder, the quantity of heat that brings about ministry of hands or feet sends out fast.

Darling is hypodermic and brown adipose little, body watch area contains blood relative to bigger; limb the quantity is little at splanchnic, 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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To the inadequacy offerring blood of hands or feet, especially double foot is in limbs extreme, further from the heart, decrease accordingly for blood, heat preservation ability is weak. If be caressed to darling not, quilt of the pedal when sleeping in the evening, the arm is put outside the quilt, underhand method is lighter catch cold catch cold.

 Infantile arch is afraid of cool

2, catch cold catch cold of hands or feet reduces immune force, contract respiratory tract infection easily

The temperature of darling adjusts centre is not perfect, drive cold ability is poor, if catch a cold of hands or feet, bring about the whole body extremely easily to offer hematic inadequacy, reflection sex ground is broughtShanghai night net

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Mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract is vasomotor, microbial to cause of disease counteractive ability is reduced, conceal can seize the opportunity to grow in great quantities in the pathogenic bacteria inside body numerousLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Breed, cause respiratory tract infection.

3, easy unripe chilblain

If the hands or feet of darling is long be invaded by chill and moisture, endmost little blood vessel is in condition of convulsion sex systole, haemal flow is decreased suddenly, subcutaneous tissue cannot get enough blood to offer, because be short of blood,the cell is met anoxic cause loss or necrotic, form chilblain thereby. Especially constitution weaker or have disease of sex of hidebound, anaemic, endocrine obstacle, chronic infection and baby of small fat mound.

4, the skin chaps 4

Severe winter, air temperature is low, the sweat gland of darling, sebaceous glands is secreted decrease, skin easy desiccate, coarse, especially position of hands or feet is long dry and cold, easy cause show skin of end, calcaneal chaps, cause the symptom such as ache.

Darling but with smooth foot?

1, make darling cleverer

Crural ministry of the person has rich end nerve, smooth foot can experience the stimulation that transmits to the ground of different quality of a material on foot, still be helpful for tactile nerval development, stimulative end nerve and cerebra establish connection, the body of such darling will be more agile, also meet nimbler, cleverer.

 Infantile arch is afraid of cool

2, be helpful for darling learning to walk

Darling learns to walk, the society that is nature of course is best, do not rely on the toddle product such as car of what toddle shoe, toddle. And learning naturally to walk had better be smooth foot walk, such ability can make darling direct seize the ground with sole, feel the change of the ground in time, meet on foot so firmer. 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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And smooth foot still can prevent varus of darling foot ministry or evaginate, and flat-footed problem.

3, help darling enhances a constitution

Darling smooth foot did not have a shoe manacle, can more be helpful for crural ministry musculature grows, more benefit lives at controlling toeFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Move. Return the gambrel that can exercise darling, enhance a flexibility, avoid trip.

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