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So called go, show the person is going backwards to walk namely, call again retreat do not go, it is normal to be mixed namely walk just conversely, in living at ordinary times, almost very few somebody does such walking, actually, below the premise that assures safety, everybody can do such go falling that take exercise more, this is oneLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Kind exercise means first-rately, but must notice correct methodological skill, the accurate method that goes is as follows.

What is the accurate method that goes?

The accurate method that goes:

Go to weigh travel, retrogression to go again, degenerative go. With taking just in time together contrary, going is a kind of motion that oppose order, also be a kind exercise means very well, have the special function that other sport place does not haveShanghai noble baby

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, pour a respect to have very good effect! So, what does the advantage that takes have?

1, go OK correct is bow-backed

Healthy rachis should be forceful, andLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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A lot of people are a little slight bow-backed. Closely related the daily life of this and people, normal motion of the mankind, no matter be to walk to still run, direction is forward, long-term only way moves, the reach of centre of gravity bends with what the pitch of rachis causes trunk necessarily, if things go on like this was formed bow-backed, and age is older bow-backed more serious. Walk along correctional and bow-backed principle, depending on it is centre of gravity moves backward, to rachis bend (bow-backed) have correctional effect necessarily.

2, go can treat lumbago

The remedial effect that takes pair of lumbago is to getA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Arrive accepted, many factual proof walks along the rehabilitation method that is remedial lumbago effective. The principle that walks along remedial lumbago and the principle that go correctional and bow-backed are identical, because long-term undesirable pose is caused,most lumbago is, lumbago and bow-backed alsoForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Often appear at the same time, correctional and bow-backed also be undesirable to the waist postural correctional.

What is the accurate method that goes?

3, go can reduce weight

Falling to reduce weight is a kind of new healthy method reducing weight, going above all is one kind takes exercise, have the effect that motion reduces weight naturally. And, going is a kind exercise a method very well, go OK to waste more energy, the person when going must look up, quite bosom, receive an abdomen, carry buttock, can use up hip and alvine adipose.

The accurate method that falls

Style of 3 kinds of when fall basic looks

(1) type of both hands akimbo. Both hands cent presses the waist two side, big toe is in hind, 4 point to advanced or back down instead, this type is easy master body centre of gravity, poise, safer, insufficient place is upper limbs carry momentum is little, rate is slow, comfortable at senile, sickish with abecedarian.

(2) the move about arm that use a shoulder refuses type. This type makes get exercise all over, the harmonious peace that obtains whole judge, comfortable go at falling relatively practician.

(3) type of music ancon make a fist. This type can reduce the resistance in undertaking, accelerate rate, apply to the person that walk along those who have element to run.

Attention: Style of a few kinds of looks also can be applied alternately, learn from others’s strong points to offset one’s weakness, with oneself most1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Suit to spend.

What is the accurate method that goes?

Warm-up is done before falling

Before going, want ready-made movement. Method: Going 10 minutes with the speed that takes a walk at ordinary times. The purpose is to make get relaxation all over, articulatory, muscle and ligament get sufficient activity, harmonious good body is departmental enter the groove that can go. Additional, check the place that takes, cleared and cloggy the fraise when going.

The touchdown when going answer tiptoe arrives calcaneal

The footwork when going recedes with right or left foot first, tiptoe first touchdown, the touchdown after calcaneal. Decompose a movement to be: Tiptoe — calcaneal. When going together, differ, calcaneal is when going first touchdown, the touchdown after tiptoe, decompose a movement to be: Calcaneal — tiptoe. Frequent tiptoe activity, the main and collateral channels on exciting foot, point and whole body reflex an area departmentally; Alternating articulatory angle, increase ligament strength; Activity the muscle that uses less at ordinary times group. The foot goes to falling the first important, walking groove must be adjusted before going.

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