Kill give a future! Science fiction FPS ” dead effect 2 ” strong land Steam

In science fiction game ” dead effect 2 ” in, the player wants to be mixed on a colonial boat robot of soldier, choppy body, man-eater, corpse, biochemistry, mechanical dog and other and eccentric enemy fight and dash forward dash forward. This game your work that lands floating platform the earliest lands Steam platform already formally.

” dead effect 2 ” having delicate picture and all sorts of bloody funeral cadaver, the mechanism that the player can use all sorts of firearms and field to go up funeral cadaver people undertake cause sb’s death by maltreating him. This making use Unity engine to make, picture effect compared with before make for ascensive extent does not calculate very big, but the result is right. In highest picture qualitative setting falls, of game build model, smooth shadow, material to stick quality of graph and even Shui Wen, specially good effect character very pretty good.

And in respect of musical sound effect, this making also do very well. There is music in toll-gate commonly, those who make a person disturbed is quiet once the enemy appears,build a; of pretty good Jing Song atmosphere instead, game can let the music of person insecurity since the noise again, action atmosphere is dye-in-the-wood.

This making besides gut battle, still have 3 new pattern, it is the current job that is used at brushing money to brush experience, biochemistry crisis that keeps out certain wave to count the enemy respectively mode and hold to proper time live mode, still have masterstroke gut campaign of more than 20 hours in addition.

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