Producer talks how to make ” assassin credo: Odyssey ” outstanding game world

Media and player roll out this year to Yo green jade ” assassin credo: Odyssey ” accord consistent reputably, it is what can assure to be in after all ” assassin credo: Genetic ” later is quality rolled out again inside short time so outstanding be made newly? Yo green jade released video of a paragraph of development recently, the group that to us the introduction comes from Quebec is how to make through listening to the player’s opinion more outstanding ” assassin credo: Genetic ” open world.
Green jade of the Yo in video arrived please ” assassin credo: Odyssey ” Scott Phillips of game chief inspector, introduced whole development group how to issue compose to build game world in the player’s feedback to us by him. For instance why this ” assassin credo: Odyssey ” installed than before fewer synchronous dot? Drop in the light of collect enemy the design of article is how of cut player time etc. Scott Phillips discloses, developing ” assassin credo: Genetic ” when, yo green jade once had undertaken to the player the eyeball in game is tracked. If their discovery has the word of small map, the player’s attention won’t be put in game world, center on small map however. So they are in ” assassin credo: Odyssey ” in change small map into compass, indicate aureate cause nod complete take out. Player of development group hope is experiencing more time flowers ” assassin credo: Odyssey ” on the world, decreased to be able to be used at the synchronous dot of sudden shift in this game then, come so the player can have an opportunity to encounter the event that produces in the world. Adopt these different measures just about, ” assassin credo: Genetic ” development group ability ensures the player has the feeling that acts a hero in game, have Shuai Ai’s feeling.

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