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The condiment of bottom of the soup when chaffy dish is very important, soup bottom condiment should add all sorts of spice, cooking wine, ginger garlic will make, the recipe of chaffy dish flavor is very so important, the recipe of chaffy dish flavor is one-time do a lot of, but can store rise, eat next timeShanghai Long Feng forum

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Take directly when, do not need so again condiment, it is to have chaffy dish next time by the soup that has stored when more convenient, and the family that suits to often have chaffy dish very much.

How is the recipe of chaffy dish flavor done?
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Bovine oil 2 jins of salad oil valve of beans of county of 1.5 jins of Pi 1 jin of liquor 50 grams fermented glutinous rice any of several hot spice plants of sea of cake of 20 grams grow 1 jin of ginger 1 two garlic 1 two Chinese prickly ash Chi of 1.5 two beanses dish of 15 tooth of Ke Yibin broken rice 15 grams rock candy 1 two classy chili


Buckle 5 grams caoguo in vain 5 grams 3 Nai 3 grams clove 5 Ke Sha benevolence 5 Ke Xiangguo 5 grams Zi like that 5 grams of 5 grams cassia bark licorice 5 grams discharge 5 grams branch 5 grams of gramineous often buckle 5 grams Gan Song

Practice: Make an appointment with flavor bubble half hours with hot water.

How is the recipe of chaffy dish flavor done?

Chinese prickly ash goes up with hot water bubble.

Good bubble flavor and drop of fish out of Chinese prickly ash do moisture; Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Old ginger section, garlic is patted broken, very light blue is cut paragraph. Preparation fries pan twice, put Chi of dish of tooth of liquor of thick broad-bean sauce, green Chinese onion, ginger, fermented glutinous rice, half, garlic, broken rice, beans, crystal sugar a bowl together in.

Mix adequately divide evenly.

Burn another boiler heat, issue Niu Youao to change.

Rejoin salad oil burns 7-8 to become heat.

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Go to oily dip above the condiment with divide evenly, the agitate side Bian Lin oil, lest fabaceous valve cooking.

Drench till oil till. Get on the boiler buy fire that holds condiment next, boil with medium baking temperature restrict 10 minutes.

How is the recipe of chaffy dish flavor done?

Condiment fries chili of cake of grow of wash-and-wear hydrosphere nowadays.

When using conflagration to fry to oily boiling, convert small fire is boiled make 15 minutes.

Join the white spirit that remain to continue to fry make.

Continue to fry till the spice that bubble adds to go up when moisture of each raw material is wash-and-wear make (everybody remembers when do sweet1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Makings cut break or mash, because I am lazy did not mash, bring about footing very ugly) .

Fry each raw material 9 minutes to work.

Issue the Chinese prickly ash that bubble goes up, fry make 5-10 minute. Fall again hotForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Pink of any of several hot spice plants fries divide evenly to be become namely.  

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