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One what in our life cactus dispute often seesLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Cultivate substance, vitality of this kind of floral is very tenacious, because he often grows in the desert area of our country, a few people treat it as potted plant, cactus is special blossom not easily, DOTA is raised oneForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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After decided age, it just can blossom, but it opens the beautiful look that give is special beauty, so cactus, flower can how Where is edible?

 Cactus is spent how edible method

Cactus edible method is diversiform, make tender bine dish is used, but delicacy is fed, also can wide be soiled is machined. Delicacy feeds diversity having a way, cold and dressed with sause, heat is fried, do blaze, stew and cooked food not to have local color, the commonnest it is to fry cactus cake. Make cactus normally kind method of meat and fish dishes is, with 9 a bit expurgation palm piece the brim and skin of positive and negative, cut the appearance of need, put scald of warm boiled water, with respect to the cooked food that can have made a variety of types. Do cold dish but with a variety of food cold and dressed with sause, according to taste of north and south different, add different condiment, be like salty delicacy, sweet acerbity, hemp is hot. Make cooked food, cut agglomerate, piece, silk, , fourth substandard form, decoct, blast, boil all but, if cactus scrambles egg, the man that fry chicken, fry shredded meat, fry abdomen piece, the; of more than kinds of 40 dish such as the soup of the Bao chop, fish that stew, chicken broth that stew also can wrap dumpling, do wonton to reach take slippery bright essence of life when fruit delicacy fresh and tender and sweet, goluptious, mouthfeel is distinctive, still can machine potted, sauce, dry etc is eatNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Desk the delicate cate that go up

Edible cactiFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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edible method

If edible cacti contains rich vitamin B1, B2, carotene and the microelement such as calcic, magnesian, iron and a variety of amino acid, unripe flesh of pus of detoxify of heat having Qing Dynasty, platoon, travel enrages the effect such as invigorate the circulation of blood. In the meantime, cactus contains cellulose more, edible hind can restrain cholesterol and adipose absorption, can blood of slow down human body is right of dextrose absorb, return the crude fibre with can compensatory indispensible human body, it is a kind of new-style health care vegetable.

 Cactus is spent how edible method

Edible cacti skin has a few short thorn, kitchen knife is used before edible gently soft thorn of the surface mixes raze thorn. Older bine piece, go with fruit dig dig two sides is cuticularFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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, remain cauline flesh part, next park immerses in the brine of 1% or syrup 5-10 minute, reoccupy rinses not full, but purify part acidityA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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, mouthfeel is much better. Edible cacti is tender the bine makes food, but delicacy is fed, bloat be soiled or treatment become other food.

1, make food of cold and dressed with sause: Cut cactus the appearance of need, put the scald in boiled water, can mix a variety of food cold and dressed with sause. According to different taste, add different condiment, can wait for dish of make it cold and dressed with sause with skin of carrot silk, vermicelli made from bean starch, jellyfish. OK still salad of consummate of as vegetable as other, fruit.

2, make cooked food: Can cut agglomerate, piece, silk, , fourth substandard form, decoct, fry, scamper, boil all but. If scramble egg, braise chicken man, fry the chop of shredded meat, Bao, chicken broth that stew, also can cut broken bead He Tianyu the make it such as rice, shelled fresh shrimps is appetizing a thick soup.

 Cactus is spent how edible method

3, bloat be soiled dish: But will whole bine piece put bloat in the crock, be soiled also can bloat after stripping and slicing. Make it pickle, taste very beautiful.

4, deepfry (decoct) cactus: After take out cuticular cacti asperses some of dry starch, dressing, whole put oily bowl or the blast in frying pan or decoct become golden look, local color is distinctive.

5, treatment becomes other food: cactus mincing mix cactus cake with corn flour, flour, ground rice. Also can extract cactus juice, make it beverage, cool and refreshing satisfy one’s thirst.

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