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More popular nowadays way reducing weight is ferment of profess to convinced, can accelerate the metabolization of the body, thereby body of harmful material eduction outside, it is one kind is compared effective1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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reduce weight advocate law. And monarch cereal is a kind as muchShanghai Long Feng forum

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Reduce weight in order to control the preserve one’s health that food gives priority to method, but the harm respect that also should note ferment monarch cereal. If the method is undeserved, perhaps monarch the time of cereal is too long, can let the body become very frail, join the arrival of certain disease thereby.

 The harm of ferment monarch cereal

If the ferment inside body is lacked, can create the body directly metabolization is slow, toxin rubbish cannot eliminate put oneself in another’s position in time outside (toxin is alvine poison only not just, still include blood medium, skeletal in medium, internal organs of the body, ) is waited a moment in muscle, each function of the body is met go out prematurely1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Show anile phenomenon, impose heavy heart burden, it is more serious that this is endangered to people, especially to wanting always for the female of nurture youth, more apparent! So, compensatory ferment, no time to delay.

But we can’t help meeting interrogative: Does ferment have side effect after all? What is the side-effect of ferment?

 The harm of ferment monarch cereal

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The pharmacodynamics action of ferment and general medicines and chemical reagents differs completely. Ferment is a kind of the nutriment inside body, won’t produce side effect, can take for a long time, conduce to the refreshment of miscellaneous disease of serious defect or difficulty. But the otherness with individual human body is very big, some people also are met to integrated ferment allergic, it is response rate and frequency only all very slight. But these symptoms are not cause by ferment side-effect, in short, ferment of that is to say serves as a kind of very good to the body nourishment, do not have any side-effect.

Be in Europe and Japan, more than 15000 people are taking ferment replenishers or be to use ferment treatment, gained huge success, and wholeSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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The process does not produce any side effect. The reason that does not have side-effect is ferment it is medicaments of and rather than of a kind of food, a lot of chronic patients also are passed take ferment (force of insomnia, immunity is fat of low, Jia Kang, tall blood, hypertensive wait for) , make the body restored health.

 The harm of ferment monarch cereal

The accurate method of monarch cereal is a few days

Monarch Gu Ye is fast, basically eliminate the toxin of the body namely, exercise the person’s mentality. Taoist school thinks, the person feeds food crops food grains other than wheat and rice, can pile up toxin of a lot of impurity inside body, fixed monarch cereal can eliminate toxin, enhance body strength, should clear with drug before cereal of the effect;1 that reachs a prolong life, monarch intestines and stomach, in stomach and bowel sundry eduction;2, give priority to;3 with dormant sit in meditation or Morpheus more everyday, check saliva to secrete everyday, if the mouth does glossal dry, should drinkable a few clear water;4, if the body appears,body empty, giddy, chill should stop; abecedarian to be able to monarch instantly cereal 3-5 day has been the limit, path travel is profound person can monarch Gu Yueyu, according to oneself body circumstance, do according to one’s abilities.

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